CYO Basketball Updates

MMLCS Tigers Basketball Updates as of January 14, 2022

Updated Protocols:

1. Everyone coming into the gym must wear a mask, including players, coaches and officials as required by the county mandatory mask requirement. This includes players and officials on the court during play.

2. Only one person can accompany a player to the game.

3. Players, coaches and spectators should all carry a small container of hand sanitizer with them.

4. Players need to carry a backpack to hold their water bottles, hand sanitizer, and any other item they will need at the game. You cannot use the water fountains at the game site.

5. Players should put their coat, jacket or sweatshirt on the bench and sit on that during the game.

6. Players make sure that after the game you take all your belongings. Using the backpack should help keep everything together.

7. Players after the game you will not line up to congratulate the other team. Just say good game from your bench area.

8. Any player who does not feel well or has any cold-like symptoms the day of a game should not come. Parents, I know that your child wants to play even if they don’t feel well. Don’t let them come.

9. Coaches do not let any player come to a game who has any symptoms of illness.

10. Coaches make sure there is only one person with each player, and the players, assistant coaches and fans have a mask on.

11. Players and coaches should not arrive at the gym earlier than fifteen minutes before game time.

12. If a player tests positive for COVID the coach must notify any other players they may have been in close contact with them when symptoms started.

13. Because of the tight schedule for games we will not be able to make up games if a team misses a game    because of COVID.