January focused on SEL

January Social Emotional Lessons, (SEL)

The elementary students did a fantastic job demonstrating and reflecting on SEL lessons for the
month of January.

Kindergarten kicked off the month finding the missing pieces of Tattling vs Reporting
Students learned the difference between reporting and tattling, what sets them apart can help children decide what the distinctions are, and educate them on how to talk to adults about the subject.

The Meanest Girl in 2nd Grade
2nd Grade learned a lesson in Bullying and how Bullying behavior can damage one’s character.  The theme of the lesson was don’t be mean to others; don’t judge people by the way they look; and treat others the way you want to be treated and have respect for others and yourself. At the end of the video students took a quiz to help embed their knowledge on this subject.

4th Grade did a good job on their Respect for Others and Self Vision Board, they provided advice based on the scenarios provided. In addition they made kindness coupons for their teacher and peers.