National Bullying Prevention Month

October was National Bullying Prevention Month.  This was a time to focus and raise awareness on bullying.  Our 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th Grade Achievers did just that in their Social Emotional Learning, (SEL) Class with their School Counselor.   I hope you enjoy their Vision Board Displays. They did a great job!

A great read is “The Cat that Wouldn’t Go Away”, By Rianna Facey, Baltimore, Maryland. You can find it on Amazon.

This is a true story about a cat that showed up on Rianna's porch one day. The cat needed a friend, so he became a friend. He walked Rianna to her mothers car each day that she left her house for school. Whenever Rianna returned home in her mothers car, the cat ran to the car to walk Rianna back to her home. The cat had a bullying situation where cats would fight him and eat his food. Rianna understood because she had experienced bullying at school and at summer camp. The cat was looking for help and wouldn't stop until he got it. Together, they walked and stood up to bullies in their own situations.