Mother Mary Lange Catholic School is accredited through CogniaCognia works with schools and systems of all types and sizes across the globe to clearly assess the quality of the institution as well as to help the school meet the needs of every student. Cognia provides an explicit set of standards and criteria for accreditation and certification.  Meeting and exceeding those standards results in a valuable recognition of excellence.  Cognia is an undeniable force for enhancing schools, engaging students, and driving better outcomes for all.

In addition, every five years, Mother Mary Lange is evaluated based on the National Standards and Benchmarks for Effective Catholic Elementary and Secondary Schools (NSBECS).  The NSBECS is intended to describe how the most mission-driven, program effective, well managed, and responsibly governed Catholic schools operate. They are offered as school effectiveness standards rather than curriculum content standards, although they support curriculum development consistent with national curriculum standards.  These standards and benchmarks can be found at