Welcome! Thank you for your interest in Mother Mary Lange Catholic School. We are excited that you are considering us for your child’s education. We look forward to working with you as you become more acquainted with Mother Mary Lange Catholic School through the application and admissions process.

Mother Mary Lange Catholic School is the first new Catholic School to be built in the Archdiocese of Baltimore in 60 years and we hope you join us on this new journey!

We invite you to learn more about admissions, tuition, grants, and aid.

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FAQ’s About The Admissions Process

Do you accept mid-year transfers?

We do not accept mid-year transfers. Our admissions process is structured around specific entry points, and we welcome new students at the beginning of each academic year. If you’re interested in joining our school, we encourage you to apply during our regular admissions cycle for the upcoming academic school year.

Do you accept 8th grade students?

At MMLCS, we are committed to providing a unique and peer-centered experience for 8th graders as they transition to high school. As a result, we do not accept new 8th grade admissions. Our focus is on nurturing a supportive and engaging environment for our students during this crucial period of growth and development.

Does the school provide any financial aid or scholarship opportunity

Yes, we encourage families to visit our financial aid & grant page to learn about the many opportunities.

What are some of your signature programs?

At MMLCS, STEM AND STEAM education are at the core of our signature programs. We believe in fostering creativity, critical thinking, and innovation.

Do you offer any before or after school programs

We offer a variety of after school programs to stimulate our students’ creativity while encouraging academic and social growth.

What High Schools do MMLCS Graduates Attend?

Graduates of Mother Mary Lange Catholic School in Baltimore, MD have a variety of high school options in the area. Some of the schools that Mother Mary Lange graduates commonly attend include:

  1. Baltimore Polytechnic Institute (Poly)
  2. Mercy High School Baltimore (Mercy)
  3. The Catholic High School of Baltimore (Catholic High)
  4. St. Paul’s School for Girls (St. Paul)
  5. Digital Harbor High School
  6. St. Paul’s School for Boys (St. Paul’s)
  7. St. Francis High School

Please note that the choice of high school may vary from year to year, and individual student preferences and qualifications also play a role in determining which high school they attend after graduating from Mother Mary Lange Catholic School.